Happy Birthday Bärchen!


Nun ist er stolze zwei Jahre alt, unser Knut! Ich hab es tatsächlich geschafft um 13 Uhr der Arbeit zu entfliehen und habe mich in die Menge der vielen vielen Knutfans gestürzt.. Es war schön, viele bekannte Gesichter wiederzusehen die man nun ein Jahr lang nicht gesehen hatte. Eine Eistorte gab es für Knut, die einfach nicht schmelzen wollte bei den niedrigen Temperaturen, und einen kuschligen Jutesack in dem was heulend-quietschendes ist!

Wunderschön fand ich es, dass wieder so viele Menschen Kerzen, Bilder und Blumen mitgebracht haben um dem zu gedenken, ohne dessen Einsatz wir heute Knuts Geburtstag nicht feiern könnten. Er hat heute sehr gefehlt.

Foto-Slideshow: Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

Happy Birthday Bear!

Now he is proudly two years old, our Knuti! I really managed to leave work at 1 PM and got myself between so many Knutifans! It was lovely to see many familiar faces again I had not seen for a year. There was an icebomb for Knut that just did not want to melt at these low temperatures, and a cuddly jute bag with a squeaky-howling filling!

I thought it was wonderful that many people again brought so many candles, flowers and pictures to remember the man without whose commitment we would not celebrate Knut’s birthday today. He was missed a lot today.

24 Kommentare zu “Happy Birthday Bärchen!

  1. SUPER WOW……Thank you Christina for sharing all those wonderfull photos of knuti on his second birthday. I hope all who visited today, had a wonderfull time. As I looked at all those photos, I realized it had a very special heart-warming effect on me. So so many emotions…..from happiness, to sadness, to wanting to hurry and see what the next photo would bring!

    I just realized something……Today knuti turned two and that December 5th was his birthday…..ok so I knew that already….what I didn’t realize was that my father who has since passed on, was also born on December 5th. Well, this can mean only one thing……..there are a lot of people up in heaven that are going to make sure that what is best for knuti in the future…….that it be done the right way!

    Only time will tell……

    Thank you Christina……you are „a shining star“……
    See ya……be happy…..Out here

    Gefällt mir

  2. Dear Christina,

    Your album and slideshow is spectacular and captures Knut’s personality perfectly.


    Our love, prayers and hugs to you Christina, and our beautiful birthday boy!!


    Karen, Phil, Thumbelina and Cookie
    Beautiful Back Bay, Boston, MA

    Gefällt mir

  3. Christina…

    Words fail me. What wonderful photos of a very special day, looking forward to Knut’s future, but also remembering his past… honoring and cherishing the memory of Herr Dörflein.

    Thank you for sharing Knuti’s birthday with us!


    Gefällt mir

    • I just wanted to add that, on a message board in which I participate, one of my friends always sends out „birthday smooches.“ I had mentioned that today was Knuti’s second birthday, and my friend sent some birthday smooches out to him… and so I’ll pass them along here! 😀

      Gefällt mir

  4. Dear Christina,

    I see you have posted this just before midnight! Thank you so much for this effort!!! I’ve been following the reports during the day as well and waited on yours especially. December 5th is also a special day for my mother so I don’t forget this date ever.



    Gefällt mir

  5. My Dear Christina,
    A world of thanks for the wonderful photos of our beautiful bear’s 2nd „bearthday“! It was so nice to see so many people there to help Knuti celebrate his special day, and to remember the man who made this possible.Yes, I do believe that Thomas is responsible for the Knuti that we all know and love. I’m sure that someone else could have raised Knuti, but I don’t believe the outcome would have been the same. In my humble opinion, Knuti is a very special bear, and I believe it was the love and care he recieved form Thomas that has made him that way.

    On your WS site, for today, on the first „album“ page in the comments area, I have included a little special treat for all the Knutifans that come to see your wonderful photos.

    Blessings to all, especially you, Christina.

    Gefällt mir

  6. Christina
    I laughed, I cried. Thank you for capturing so much of the celebration today. It means so much to see all the flowers,gifts, love notes, memorials, candles and of course…Knut!
    I am sure that Knut wishes global warming would help melt his ice bombe…

    Gefällt mir

  7. Dear Dear Christina,

    I have admired your work for so long…..but this one may be your masterpiece, or one of them! It is intimate, artistic,
    engaging, touching,amusing….there are not enough superlatives.

    This album, in and of itself, would make a lovely children’s book…..a book adults too would read over and over.

    It evoked so many emotions as I watched it, but it left me feeling happy and grateful that I have been a part of this wonderful happening since the beginning. I would not have missed a bit of it….and you have made it all so real for us.

    How can we say thank you, except to say we cherish you and the deep and loving feelings that emanate from your heart.

    This is a real treasure, and so are you.

    Remembering Thomas all day today, and enjoying again the unique and exceptiona; boybear he made possible for us.

    Danke, Danke,


    Gefällt mir

  8. @Christina,

    Thank you so much for the pleasure of experiencing Knuti’s second birthday. Certainly, there were a lot of pictures that made me smile and some that made me cry.

    It is possible to be so happy and sad at the same time.

    Well, that you for lovinig our bear. As I have said many times you are an ANGEL!

    Much Love and Bear Hugs,


    Gefällt mir

  9. Hallo Christina,

    vielen Dank für die vielen schönen
    Bilder von unserem Geburtstagskind.

    Ich wünsche Dir für die Zukunft
    alles Gute, lieber Knut!

    Vielleicht bleibt Knut ja doch in Berlin?
    Die Medien hatten gestern davon berichtet.
    Knut ist noch sehr jung und fühlt sich in
    der Nähe von Menschen sehr wohl.

    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.


    Gefällt mir

  10. Dear Christina,

    Yesterday two years ago a little miracle was born to the world, who would change our lives forever, and me personally bring feelings I never knew I had. There have been laughters, there have been tears but I’m so grateful for the memories, that I’ll carry in my heart forever!

    Also I’m very, very grateful to you for always so sensitively passing on special moments and atmospheres to us, latest your birthday album from yesterday! It was such nice, sad and funny photos – reflecting how yesterday was, nice, funny – and sad at the same time! It warms my heart so much to see all the flowers, pictures and candles, showing that Thomas Dörflein was still there in people’s thoughts, although unfortunately not physically!

    I’m sure that where ever Thomas is now, he was still with Knut yesterday and those who meant something to him and who he’d got close to, through his family connections — or through Knut!!!

    Thank you SO much, Christina, for giving me the special feeling, that I feel right now: wanting to cry but at the same time feeling sooo thankful for Knut being born to our world, for TD raising him … and thankful to you, too, for all the special gifts you give us!!

    Sentimental hugs from Lone

    Gefällt mir

  11. PS to my last message:

    Dear Christina,

    I have been so upset and worried about Li’l Smokey’s (LTWC WEBCAM) being put into his denning mode and then his release back into the California wilds that I have been behind schedule. He was only 8 lbs when rescued from the wildfires and now over 80 lbs, but still, many are worried about his being released.

    I finally did write the two $50 checks in memory of Knut’s beloved Mr. Doerflein to be sent to Uncle Ronny and Uncle Marcus for treats and toys for precious Knut totalling $100.

    Surely Mr. Doerflein lives on in the hearts of all who knew him, especially Knut’s, and also in the hearts whose lives‘ he touched all over the world.

    Thank you once again for your lovely albums and slideshows and very appropriate captions.

    With much appreciation,

    Beautiful Back Bay, Boston, MA

    Gefällt mir

  12. Liebe Christina,

    habe gerade deine wunderschönen Fotos von der Geburtstagsfeier und auch dem Gedenken an Thomas Dörflein gesehen.
    Sie haben eine Menge Emotionen freigesetzt.
    Danke für das Schöne!!!
    Ich schaue sie gleich noch einmal an und genieße.

    Liebe Grüße an dich von

    Gefällt mir

  13. Liebe Christina,

    danke, danke für die schönen Bilder von Knutis zweitem Geburtstag. Lasse uns kämpfen, dass unser aller Bärchen ein schönes Gehege in diesem wunderschönen Zoo in Bärlin bekommt und wir uns jeden Tag über Deine süßen Bilder erfreuen können, die Welt ist doch leider schon so grausam, da sind diese schönen Bilder eine Freude auf unserer Seele.

    Danke Christina, dass es Dich gibt

    Gefällt mir

  14. Liebe Christina,

    was für viele wunderschöne Bilder Du doch von Knuti`s Geburtstag gemacht hast, die mich so fröhlich stimmen und
    wiederum auch so tief berühren. Wie gerne wäre ich dabei gewesen,doch es sollte nicht sein !

    Der ICE der mich zu Knuti`s Geburtstag nach Berlin bringen sollte, ist ausgefallen und auch mit dem ICE, mit dem ich
    abends zurückfahren wollte, hätte es erhebliche Probleme gegeben. So hat mir die Bahn Knuti`s Geburtstag ordentlich vermasselt.Das an sich hatte schon gereicht!Doch anstatt mit Knuti Geburtstag zu feiern, hielt ich später das sterbende, kleine 6 Monate alte Kätzchen meiner Nachbarin im Arm, die vor meinen Augen von einem Auto angefahren wurde.

    So habe ich gestern den ganzen Tag, wenn auch mit unendlich viel Wehmut und vielen, vielen Tränen an Knuti und seinen Ziehpapa gedacht. An diese unvergessliche Zeit voller Liebe und Zuneigung zwischen Mensch und Tier, an dieses kleine Wunder, dass vor 2 Jahren der Welt geschenkt wurde und ich habe aus meinem ganzen Herzen, alle guten Wünsche für ein glückliches, schönes Leben zu Knuti nach Berlin geschickt.
    Ganz bestimmt werde ich mit Knuti irgendwann seinen Geburtstag „nachfeiern“ und vielleicht bist Du ja auch gerade bei ihm,dann trinken wir ein Glas Sekt zusammen auf Knuti`s Wohl.

    Liebe Christina, mit einer Umarmung von ganzem Herzen sage ich Dir tausend Dank, dass ich mit Deinen schönen Geburtstagsalbum einen Eindruck von diesem ganz besonderen Tag habe und das versöhnt mich so sehr.Es ist wieder ein kostbares Geschenk,dass Du uns allen zur Erinnerung an Knuti`s “ 2.Geburtstag gemacht hast.

    Ein schönes Wochenende, alles Liebe und herzliche Grüsse

    Gefällt mir

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