Der Winter lässt auf sich warten….

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Ohne Titel

Mit weißen Weihnachten wird das wohl nichts dieses Jahr – momentan ist es eher ein Nieselwinter. Die Bäume sind kahl, die bunten Blätter alle verschwunden, und der Schnee lässt auf sich warten…

Also hab ich mal Bilder aus dem November rausgesucht, als es wenigstens schon mal gefroren hatte und es im Tegeler Fließ wieder den wunderschönen Kontrast „schwarze Wasserbüffel auf weiß gefrorener Wiese“ gab.. Und die Blätter dazu noch bunt waren! 🙂

Nun ist es nur noch eine Woche bis Weihnachten – ich hoffe sie verläuft ruhig und nicht allzu stressig für Euch!

Fotos: Samstag, 12. November 2016

Waiting for Winter….

Autumn and winter....

...we saw this beauty...

It does not look like we will have white Christmas this year – at the moment it is more drizzle winter. The trees are bare, the colorful leaves are gone, no snow in sight…

So I chose some pics from November where at least we had frost and in Tegeler Fließ we had again the beautiful contrast „black buffalos on white frozen meadow“… And the leaves were still colorful! 🙂

Now it is only one week until Christmas – I hope it is a quiet and not stressful week for you!

Photos: Saturday 12 November 2016

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Blogeintrag 18. Dezember 2009 – blog entry 18 December 2009

DAS war ein Winter.. 😀 – THAT was some winter… 😀

5 Kommentare zu “Der Winter lässt auf sich warten….

  1. Dear Christina,

    Not any sign of winter or snow here either; what a shame as it would have given that little extra special touch now that Christmas is just a few days away …

    Never the less I so much enjoyed the frost scenes from November, as I did with the Knut winter memories. I also looked at the comments from then; and that I also then had been in Berlin just a few days earlier … what a wonderful time it was with our little bear 💙

    Hope you’ve had a good advent weekend, Christina …

    Big hugs to all 4 of you,

    Gefällt mir

  2. Dear Christina, Somehow we missed this entry, so it’s a particular treat. The beautiful and mysterious icy mist hanging over the frozen meadow – exquisite. And the water buffaloes in the frost, how wonderful. I think the detailed close-up pictures are always at their best in the winter weather. The closer you get, the more perfect it is, and the ice crystals fascinate, coating twigs and leaves with delicate forms and the occasional perfect drop of clear water. Fortunately, big cat seems to have decided that you would not make a good snack. The mysterious light in the forest clearing is what I would call celestial. White cat is so lovely but doesn’t have very good camouflage, and I suspect the mice will notice (and keep away from) the big ball of white fluff. 😉 It was kind of raven to give you his most noble pose, very aristocratic! And of course I can’t fail to check out the Knuti pictures. Such a bear, with his dear but perplexing friend Gianna, enjoying the polar bear weather. We never forget you, dear big little bear. *hugs* Suzanne and Rob

    Gefällt mir

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